Flein is an elegant aperitif or food companion, a special alc-free alternative to a glass of wine.

The grapes for Flein [pronounced ‘fline’] are grown in steep-sloped vineyards and are cultivated and harvested by hand, especially for the production of our juices.

Gently pressed like champagne and pasteurised using the latest technology, Flein enables variety-typical aromas. Flein comes with a surprising freshness, elegance, and lively acidity.

To be enjoyed pure and chilled in a big wine glass!

Single-variety grape juices

Flein is refined from best grapes of three winegrowers from the Alpine region, all of them long-time friends. Each winery produces the high-quality juice in its own cellar and only region-typical grape varieties are used. They are bound by jointly defined quality principles, laid down in a charter: the juices from different grape varieties and origins open up new dimensions of taste.

Schmidt am Bodensee

Lake Constance / Germany

From their winery, the Schmidt family overlooks the gentle slopes of their vineyards and Lake Constance all the way to the Alps. On the terrace of their wine bar "Pinot" guests are able to enjoy two delicious juices from the vintage 2022.

Juice from



Light yellow in the glass. Floral nutmeg notes and nuances of caraway and currants. Full-bodied yet delicate with balanced melting of acidity and juicy fruit.


Flein Fizz


Beguiling nose of white lime blossom and elderberry. Fresh and lively on the palate, with a fine fruity finish and a desire for more.

Cantina Kurtatsch

Alto Adige / Italy

Cantina Kurtatsch refines grapes from two varieties into the finest, single-variety juices. They are growing in steep vineyards in the south of Alto Adige, specially selected for juice production.

Juice from

Moscato Giallo


Bright straw yellow in the glass. Fresh grapes combined with yellow apple. Reminds of the mace. On the palate, refined acidity and delicate sweetness. Complex and yet easy-going.

Juice from

Sauvignon Blanc


Bright straw yellow in the glass. Green apple, fresh grapes combined with green pepper and limes. Pleasant sugar-acid interplay on the palate. Complex and yet easygoing.

Gross & Gross

Südsteiermark / Austria

Gross & Gross - these are two sisters, two brothers, two married couples sharing a common cause. The non-alcoholic part of their product range consists of three fine, monovarietal juices and the Flein Fizz.

Juice from

Gelber Muskateller


Aroma of herbs such as dried flowers, hay, and yarrow. Fruity, spicy aroma reminiscent of candied pineapple, ginger, and bergamot. It has a for its variety typical grapey taste, with delicate notes of elderberry and citrus. Lively acidity for balanced, delicate enjoyment.

Juice from

Sauvignon Blanc


Fresh meadow herbs such as ribwort plantain, clover, and sorrel on the nose. Crisp notes of Granny Smith apple, basil, and young pea pods. It has a juicy taste and reminds of gooseberries and white currants, accompanied by a gracefully dancing acidity and a fresh kick of lime and mint.

Juice from



Bright salmon pink in the glass, flattering aromas of red currant on the nose. Herbal spice, hibiscus and pomegranate join in. Juicy on the palate, with a taste of rosehip and red apple skin. The finish, carried by freshness, makes you want to take the next sip.


Flein Fizz


With its playful bouquet of white flowers, lemon balm, and crisp pear, Flein Fizz literally shines out of the glass. Thanks to its animating perlage, it is incredibly vibrant. The fine mousse blends with the delicate fruit of lychee and vineyard peach to create a pure drinking pleasure.

A glass of Flein …
100 % single-variety, handpicked
natural, no artificial additives
0 % alcohol

The aromas of Flein are enjoyed at their best when served chilled in a wine glass.
Discovering the typical taste of a grape variety in the juice is a very special experience.

The producers: Flein is made by friends

Gross & Gross from Südsteiermark presented their first Flein in 2018 as a fine, non-alcoholic alternative to a glass of wine. Other winegrowers have meanwhile joined them, all friends from their student days in Vienna. In 2020, Harald Cronst entered the circle with his Flein from Alto Adige's Cantina Kurtatsch. Sebastian Schmidt from Schmidt am Bodensee followed with the 2021 vintage.


Gross & Gross

Gross & Gross, that are two sisters. Two brothers. And two married couples. Put simply: a large family. In addition to sharing the name, Johannes, Martina, Maria and Michael share the work in the vineyard and the joy of trying something new. This includes the non-alcoholic alternative Flein.

Führungsteam_02_©Florian Andergassen

Cantina Kurtatsch
Alto Adige

The esteem for terroir, sustainability and a down-to-earth family atmosphere – these are the values that drive a young and dynamic team in the south of Alto Adige. Under their ambition top-quality, carefully handcrafted wines and juices are created, reflecting the unique character of their individual sites.

Sebastian Schmidt - Weingut Schmidt am Bodensee

Weingut Schmidt
am Bodensee

Weingut Schmidt am Bodensee stands for refined, precise and balanced winemaking. Pivotal to success are the quality of the grapes and the uniqueness of their vineyards. The family run business stands for sensitive vinification, hospitality and pleasure as contributors fo an enhanced quality of life.

Our Flein Friendship Box unites six juices from three wineries located in three wine-growing regions.

79 € incl. VAT
Available at the wineries (online + shop)
Limited edition.

Germany  |  Italy  |  Austria


Flein Charter

Common rules are essential. In all friendships.
The Flein Charter contains our principles, which we have worked out together - with the aim of preserving the flavors of the berries in a juice.

grape varieties

Producers only select varieties typical of their region to produce their regional Flein.

Cultivation based on
organic principles

We do not use herbicides and ensure a long waiting period in plant protection. External analysis of the grapes by an independent agency guarantees that organic-farming standards are met.


The grapes for Flein grow in vineyards that have been exclusively selected for juice production only.

A natural product

Flein is all natural, with no artificial additives. This is guaranteed and verified through residue analyses.


Only hand-picked grapes are used for Flein juices.

grape quality

We rely on quality-enhancing methods such as reducing yields and do all work on the vines by hand.

Grapes pressed the same
way as for Champagne

At a press yield of 55 per cent, only the best part of the berries is refined into the Flein range. Bitter substances and unripe nuances do not make it into the bottle.


To preserve the flavours typical of each variety, we rely on a new pasteurisation process at lower temperatures. The cold grape juice is bottled, then briefly heated and quickly cooled again.

Towards a more
organic farming

We support grape suppliers in their conversion to organic viticulture. This is our way of contributing to a more sustainable agriculture.

Sugar and acidity

Choosing both the right vineyard plot as well as ideal harvest time is crucial to preserving freshness, elegance and a vibrant acidity in the juice.

Flein Fizz

The sparkling version of Flein may also come as a blend of region-typical grape varieties. To achieve an elegant ‘fizz’, carbonic acid may be used as the only permitted additive.

Last but not least:
Flein is

Flein: a fine alternative to wine

On the lookout for an non-alcoholic alternative to the much-loved glass of wine I kept asking myself: Is it possible to produce grape juice with the same passion dedicated to wine? Can varietal flavours be preserved in a juice?

This is what Veronika Mitteregger wanted to explore. Coming from a dynasty of winemakers, she first got her family on board. Later, former fellow students joined her in this endeavour. Today, Flein is produced by three wineries in three countries: Gross & Gross in Austria, Cantina Kurtatsch in Italy and Schmidt am Bodensee in Germany.

These wineries cultivate both their friendship and the finest grapes. Following mutually defined quality principles, their joint aim is to bestow grape juice with a more sophisticated image by refining regional varieties into a non-alcoholic alternative to wine.

Veronika set the impulse for Flein and today takes care of its further development.


Veronika Mitteregger

+43 664 5308665 | mail@flein.net

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Where can I buy Flein?

Gross & Gross

Ratsch 26 | 8461 Ehrenhausen | Austria
+43 664 145 03 00 | hello@grossundgross.at

Cantina Kurtatsch
Alto Adige

Strada del Vino 23 | 39040 Cortaccia | Italia
+39 0471 880 115 | info@cantina-kurtatsch.it

Schmidt am

Hattnau 62 | 88142 Wasserburg | Germany
+49 8382 9432174 | weingut@schmidt-am-bodensee.de

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 Flein - Single-variety Grape Juice

Veronika Mitteregger
+43 664 5308665 | mail@flein.net